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A Privilege So Priceless: Becoming a Better Teacher of the Bahá’í Faith and Responding: 101 Questions Often Asked of Bahá’ís are now available in 3rd editions as digital eBooks. Each updated digital volume includes hundreds of newly added references—Responding alone has well over 550 additional references spread throughout the mini-compilations that follow each question covered in the book, and is almost 200 pages longer!±

Both A Privilege So Priceless and Responding are on the U.S. Bahá'í Distribution Service (BDS) website, specifically in the “Learning to Teach” section [this link will take you to that section of the BDS website].  Each eBook also has its individual page on the BDS site, where it is available for order and immediate download:

* A Privilege So Priceless: Becoming a Better Teacher of the Bahá’í Faith is at this link,


* Responding: 101 Questions Often Asked of Bahá'ís is on BDS at this link.

{±Of course, as a digital publication the added references don’t increase the book’s “bulk” or its cost [both real concerns for some friends in regard to the printed version of Responding] and, hopefully, they make the volume even more useful for anyone wishing to study guidance from the Writings on many common topics/questions asked of believers. As it happens, the digital version of Responding is actually much less expensive [at US$5.99] than the printed hard-cover book used to be; as is the digital edition of A Privilege So Priceless [at US$4.99].}


{NB: The U.S. BDS also still carries beautiful hardbound printed copies of the
2nd edition of A Privilege So Priceless
at a generous discount.
Unfortunately, printed copies of Responding are no longer available.}



FYI: These eBooks are distributed as licensed PDF files, which are readable on almost any electronic device. The PDF format faithfully reflects the exact look and lay-out of the original printed volumes, while allowing the texts to be easily searched for a particular topic or phrase. [For details on licensed usage of any digital Bahá’í book file and rights pertaining to these and all other eBooks available through the U.S. BDS please see its “eBook Frequently Asked Questions” page at this BDS link.]


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